This major European operator conducted a comprehensive tender for a new service delivery platform to provide converged mobile and broadband services along with a service creation environment for agile service development. After a year-long process which included a proof of concept, the operator chose ECT’s INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform. The complete solution will be virtualized in the operator’s data center with NFV support. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

Munich, September 27, 2016

ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG), vendor of complete solutions for value-added services in the voice and multimedia domain, has recently won yet another multimillion contract for its INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

This operator, a former European incumbent and the leading provider of telephony, internet, television and network-based ICT services in its country, has a network with legacy silo solutions for individual services as well as separate IMS cores from different vendors for broadband and mobile services. In order to reduce operative expenses significantly and become more agile in responding to market requirements, the operator tendered for a new service delivery platform that would provide converged services seamlessly within their heterogeneous network. The operator requested that the complete platform, including application servers (AS), media servers (MRF), databases, etc., be virtualized in his existing data center.

Virtually every major vendor participated in this tender. The selection process included a proof of concept (POC), in which each vendor was required to install its virtualized SDP components in the operator’s data center and fully integrate the SDP with the operator’s legacy and next-generation networks, so that a predefined one number service could be tested live in the operator’s network. ECT delivered this POC in three weeks, after which the service was not only demonstrated but also changed adlib using ECT’s service creation environment.

As Dr. Marshall E. Kavesh, CEO of ECT explains, “After a year-long selection process and a thorough proof of concept, we are proud that this operator chose our solution, in particular, because it is based on JavaScript and avoids the pitfalls of the older JAIN-SLEE technology used in many older platforms. This once again demonstrates our technology leadership.”

About the INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform

For years, major European mobile and broadband carriers have utilized the INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform (SDP) as the basis for value-added services in legacy, IMS and VoLTE networks. Its proven architecture is based on industry standard technology for virtualization: all components, including the Application Servers (AS), Media Servers (MFR), Oracle Database Solutions and Web Servers, are available virtualized on the basis of VMWare.

In addition, ECT is integrating virtualized network functionality (VNF) including an interface towards the management and organization (MANO) of the SDP and the virtualization layer in the kernel-based virtual machine (KVM hypervisor). ECT is thus ensuring that the network function virtualization (NFV) in the INtellECT® Platform will fully support the VNF Manager as soon as the associated ETSI specification has been approved.

The virtualized platform is 100% hardware agnostic. For service providers with their own data centers, this reduces capital and operational expenditures significantly by allowing them to exploit existing digital assets in the IT cloud. Furthermore, the cloud agility of the easily scalable software-only architecture greatly reduces the time to market for capacity expansions.

In the past three years, ECT gained experience providing virtualized components to several of its customers and at the request of a major European provider of mobile and broadband services, the complete virtualization of the INtellECT® Service Delivery Platform was successfully demonstrated in a recent proof of concept. In 2016, ECT has already received several contracts for virtualized solutions from service providers in the UK and continental Europe.

ECT has helped and is helping many service providers worldwide with intelligent network and VAS migration to IMS and LTE. Service providers phasing out their switched networks use an INtellECT® Platform to cross connect and orchestrate VAS over the various legacy and next-generation network technologies. With the implementation of state-of-the-art virtualization technology, ECT is now also helping providers to migrate multimedia and data services into cloud infrastructure.

About the INtellECT® Service Creation Environment

The INtellECT® Service Creation Environment (SCE) is open to communications service providers and third-party developers seeking to create and maintain their own valued-added services.

ECT is committed to promoting rapid application creation within a completely converged multimedia and call service environment, including legacy broadband and mobile networks, IMS, VoLTE and WebRTC. The INtellECT® SCE encompasses both JavaScript API’s as well as programming tools providing easy access not only to the complete array of telecom resources, e.g. for call routing, voice, multimedia, billing, media processing, etc., but also to third-party services in Internet/intranet. 

Communications service providers are now no longer working solely within their own telco domain. That’s why the INtellECT® SCE is not “just” for telco services. On the contrary, it facilitates the creation of applications that blend seamlessly components and features from telco communications networks and real-time communications as well as services in the IT cloud. These new applications can then be made available to business and residential customers via telephone calls and text messaging, but also via any web page, smartphone app, softphone, etc. Applications can thus utilize voice, video, chat, recording, multimedia processing, collaboration and whiteboards in addition to any cloud service with an API, such as Google+, MS Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, payment and CRM systems, etc.

Service providers with ECT technology can use their in-house teams and/or third parties to freely develop innovative tailored services without dealing with complicated and highly expensive Java programming, e.g. in J2EE / JAIN-SLEE. As the direct programming of services is done in HTML5 using JavaScript libraries, the only prerequisite required is a working knowledge of JavaScript. This is a skill widely available on the market, as JavaScript is the established standard for web development.

Moreover, it is not even necessary to directly write programs or code, as the INtellECT® SCE also provides browser-based graphical tools which anyone can use. These tools automate all the steps in the application development process, including data modeling, API connectivity and testing, service logic, the creation of web and smartphone apps, unit testing, deployment and service orchestration.

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